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ETR 2023
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ETR 2023

Excellence in Higher Education: Teaching and Research Forum



Our vision is to be a premier forum for excellence in higher education, recognized globally for our commitment to advancing the quality of teaching and research. We envision a community of scholars and practitioners who are dedicated to staying at the forefront of their fields, and who are passionate about making a positive impact on society through their work. We believe that by promoting excellence in higher education, we can help to create a more equitable, and prosperous world for all.


Our mission is to promote excellence in higher education by bringing together scholars, researchers, educators, and students from around the world to exchange ideas, share best practices, and collaborate on innovative approaches to teaching and research. We strive to foster a culture of academic excellence that values creativity, critical thinking, and lifelong learning, and to inspire the next generation of leaders in Academia and beyond.


First Day: Monday 8th of May 2023 at Kuwait Technical College

Second Day: Tuesday 9th of May 2023 at Gulf University for Science and Technology


1. To create a platform for educators, researchers, and students to exchange ideas, share best practices, and explore innovative approaches to teaching and research.

2. To promote research that contributes to the betterment of society, by encouraging interdisciplinary collaboration and addressing societal challenges.

3. To provide opportunities for academic and intellectual growth, through workshops, keynote sessions, and other professional development activities.

4. To raise awareness about the importance of good academic practices, emphasizing the role of teaching and research in enhancing student learning and promoting lifelong learning

5. To foster partnerships and collaborations between academic entities to promote innovation and advancement in higher education.

6. To provide hands-on and practical training on software and tools that are crucial for high-quality and reliable research



Our forum targets educators, researchers, and scholars in higher education and education as a whole, including professors, researchers, teachers and administrators. We also aim to attract students and other stakeholders who are interested in advancing excellence in higher education.